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Well, it looks like this will be the last time (at least for a long time) that I use LJ for my blog. I have loved the intimate, private feel of my blog here, but I'm so fed up with spammers at LegendFire that I will not tolerate them here. Just received notification that Coach Purses posted on my last journal entry. It's been awhile since a spammer worked its way in here, but they are the reason that I have to waste time editing all my old posts and locking them against comment. Why do they always choose posts that are ancient history? So, spam and the strange Russian thing a little further down freaks me out, so I'm saying Adios to LJ for a while. I will still be visiting the blogs I follow here, however, as those blogs were the reason I registered here in the first place.

In future, my blog continues at Blogger:


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